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Snail Bob 8

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main_image1Snail Bob 8 is the most recent version of the popular flash game about adventures of a cute little snail - Bob. The 8th edition of the game is called The Island Story and it offers a lot of new and interesting levels where you have to help Bob overcome the obstacles and reach the finish line. Remember that some obstacles can be very dangerous and can even kill the snail, so your every action is very important. If you have never played any of this games before, you must know that all actions in the game are made using mouse. You must activate hidden bridges, trick enemies and do some weird things to achieve success. The first levels of Snail Bob 8 are really easy but everything becomes more and more difficult as you progress. There are a lot of hidden traps in each level, so don't rush and do think before making a decision how to overcome the obstacle. Snail Bob 8 Unblocked has a colorful and bright graphics so I am sure you will enjoy the game. Have fun.